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ua War in Ukraine #262 Bernd 2023-01-28 12:59:14 No. 18955178 sticky [AUTOSÄGE] Reply Last 50
Day 338, Lapua Magnum Edition Previous drowns in autosage: >>18948445
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us How many drugs has Bernd done? Bernd 2023-01-29 15:25:40 No. 18967413 Reply

Open file 64.15 KB, 1200x675
I've done: Weed Magic Mushrooms LSD DMT Painkillers Cocaine
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Ive done: Benzos Weed Speed Meth Heroin Fentanyl Cocaine Lsd Shrooms Dmt 2cb Dxm Alcohol ketamine Nitrous oxide ectasy hhc salvia
>>18967561 You could just have written "benzos"
I have tried coffee and alcohol, that's it
Hashish MDMA Crack cocaine Not a drughead. Just ppl sharing at parties when I was young.

dk Bernd 2023-01-29 15:31:13 No. 18967461 Reply

Open file 196.30 KB, 872x856
Did you remember to drink enough water today?
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>>18967464 Energy drinks are not healthy, Igor.
Igor? What is wrong with this Norwegian?
That's a lot of water erry day
i drank a monster

by Puzzle threda 42 - gibe puzzl pls Bernd 2023-01-23 09:16:29 No. 18899979 Reply Last 50
Creating Puzzles https://www.jigsawexplorer.com/create-a-custom-jigsaw-puzzle/ See picrel 4 1) Paste image url* (jpg/png/gif) 2) Enter number of pieces. 1000 max, but that is hard on Bernd's eyes. Lurk more to learn the best PPB (Pieces-Per-Bernd) ratios. 3) Check "Mystery Puzzle" checkbox (no preview) 4) Click "Create the Jigsaw Puzzle" button 5) Click "Try It" link 6) Click Multiplayer (people) icon 7) Enter nickname 8) Click "Create Game Link" button IN CASE OF TROLL, HOLD SHIFT AND CLICK 9) Click "Copy Link" button 10) Paste link ITT 11) ??? 12) PROFIT!!! Tips For Finding Puzzle Pictures (Easy Mode) Search for: Jigsaw puzzle {some topic} Specify large images 1024x768 or larger work best. You can use smaller images, but they will probably be blurry. If you find a good topic (like kots) and a specific site has a lot of good images, add: site:website.com to the search. Some good sites with puzzle images: puzzlewarehouse.com seriouspuzzles.com jigsawpuzzlesforadults.com walmart.com puzzlepalace.com.au mindgamessouthport.co.uk pintrest.com Example Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Jigsaw+Puzzle+castle+site%3Apinterest.com&iax=images&ia=images&iaf=size%3AWallpaper Puzzle Etiquette and useful stuff (maybe) 1) Try not to put pieces back around the edges of the screen, even if that's where you got them from. Also, press "R" every once in a while. If the pieces are all over the place, press "shift+R" to regroup all unconnected pieces. 2) Try not to hold pieces if you don't know what to do with them, especially connected pieces. 3) Try not to put pieces on top of other pieces. This includes partially covering other pieces, especially pieces of similar colors. The goal is to be able to see all the edges of all the pieces all the time. 4) Try not to put single pieces inside the frame. 5) Be aware that what you see may not be what other Bernds see. Avoid fighting and moving pieces back and forth for no good reason. Use 1080p fullscreen if possible. 6) Respect other's work (sorting, connected pieces, etc.). He who starts a piece of work is the final decision maker on it. Basically, you can help out but if someone keeps "un-doing" your help, take the hint and back off. Make a post in the thread to ask questions or give suggestions. 7) Try to keep it to one active puzzle at a time. 8) Don't move the (main) puzzle, if you accidently do, bring it back to where it was before. 9) Talk about any issues in the thread, don't be passive aggressive in game. 10) Low contrast puzzles are a pain in the ass. Don't use old ass paintings. It's no fun. If using low contrast motives, you can easily increase contrast using any graphics editor :3 ty in advance. 11) Puzzles with large areas of solid or similar color are no fun either. 12) When you create a puzzle please post a screenshot of the puzzle result after it's finished. 13) NSFW/L puzzles MUST be properly marked as such. Old Thread >>18825131 >>18825131 >>18825131 Skribblo, Gartic Phone and other nice frens games For Game Room just ask in threda :3 Cozy movies over cytu.be Just ask in threda for cinema feel with frens
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Open file 23.12 KB, 676x380
Hello drug :3 long time no see!

Open file 39.72 KB, 686x359
>>18966957 Hello my dearest fren!
>>18966892 We did it! Dinner time for me
https://jigex.com/eBMdj You barely escaped rotation in this one.

tr Sweden's NATO process paused, says FM Bernd 2023-01-29 12:54:34 No. 18966186 Reply Last 50

Open file 17.71 KB, 678x452

Open file 43.55 KB, 783x391
>Sweden's Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said on Saturday that the country's North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) process has paused, local media reported. >"The events of the last few weeks have temporarily caused the process to a pause," Billstrom told Expressen newspaper, adding that the Swedish government was now investing energy and time to try to push forward the process. Fear not, there are still alternatives for Sweden))))))
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>>18967276 This, let Finland join if they want to.
So who will win turkey elections? Ultra nationalists?
>>18966217 >Infact %92 of the Turks don't want Sweden in NATO Who cares ? If muslims have a problem with freedom of speech drop them

kw Bernd 2023-01-29 15:53:47 No. 18967613 Reply
I dont feel too well. Bernds I think I am infected with something terrible. last month it started as runny nose which slowly turned sour tasting. a week ago I had trouble breathing and felt like something holding my chest. Now I do not have problem with nose but I keep spitting phlegm in a very unnatural amount. I feel like my lungs is over working itself to get rid of it but each time I spit them my throat hurts more and more. It is mostly thick greenish and I have to cough really hard and loud to get it out No matter what fucking happens I wont be taking that fucking vaccine. But what I do? How to ease the suffering? Doc last 2 weeks said it was covid and I should rest for a week but could not due to my work nature. I just had coughed moments ago and each time i spit out phlegm i feel little bit dizy like my body shutting down. I wish I could sleep peacefully tonight and not wake up to gag out greenish fuck from my throat and lung.

Open file 66.47 KB, 657x527
Sounds like melodram patheticism. An advanced case
if you worked through a flu you deserve everything thats coming your way lmao.

Open file 69.73 KB, 1024x768
I've had something similar for 2 months now. Wake up coughing every morning. Throat sore

us Bernd 2023-01-29 14:50:53 No. 18967123 Reply
I love Rainbow Dash. I love her personality, her demeanor, her attitude. Her lifestyle is also cool, I'm a fast-paced dude. Ive never even thought of her sexually, on top of all this. Whenever I see a picture of her my heart aches. How do I cope? Ive been made fun of numerous times by people who found out about it, and it got so bad I moved. I need something that can help me.
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>>18967123 Yes, Poland invented My Little Pony.
I want to angrily penis this pony. Am I wrong?
>>18967597 I think someone already penissed it >>18967558

lt Bernd 2023-01-29 12:39:39 No. 18966069 Reply
Is gambling evil? Would you work at a casino or online gambling site?
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>>18966660 it's not possible to steal from me without me noticing
It's been a while. Maybe I should go again
>>18966069 >Would you work at a casino I wörked for a good three years in a casino, but only as a card dealer for poker, bj and various other forms of card games the casino had were you play against the bank. It was ok work to finance your studies.
Is is evil to give a lighter to something that wants to set their own money in fire?

de Bernd 2023-01-29 15:50:55 No. 18967600 Reply

Open file 51.23 KB, 992x558
Austrian man kept his wife and children in a basement.

vn Iran happenings Bernd 2023-01-29 08:01:08 No. 18964456 Reply
The list of objects in Iran on which missile strikes were carried out has become known: Headquarters of the IRGC IRGC Special Forces Base "Quds" Ammunition and UAV Production Center Refinery. Weapons factory. Military bases in Hamadan and Keredzh. As Zhirinovski predicted: soon on the middle East there will starts so big happenings that you all forget about Ukraine
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>>18967376 dirty bomb is bullshit and not effective in the slightest. >>18967349 stop seething, shitskin. this rubbish isn't even news.
>>18967245 why cant he just look straight ?
>>18967440 the only one seething is you >>18967223 >if you correct my dumb posts you are s-s-seething ok
>>18964485 If they had downed anything pictures of it would be on every Iranian media. That statement is the same bs Syria gives out after bein attacked except they always claim shooting down Jew planes.