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gb UKRAINE WAR THREAD 144 Bernd 2022-06-23 20:52:36 No. 16602575 sticky [AUTOSÄGE] Reply Last 50

Open file 21.08 MB, 1920x1080
Zhuravlyov broke his collarbone edition Old thread: >>16586272 >>16586272 >>16586272 >>16586272
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>>16615645 Even if, so what? One misfired missile is funny, but doesn't change the war.

br Bernd 2022-06-25 00:38:56 No. 16615348 Reply
Most beautiful suicide. I miss watchpeopledieAgain, why did he do it?
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It's somewhat funny how the third is look "oh, shit we fucked up, I'm getting the fuck out of here"
>>16615684 rear of skull + pavement is a deadly combo
>>16615662 >2nd all dogs who are smaller than German Shepherd deserves same fate

ie Watching Glastonbury Bernd 2022-06-25 00:05:12 No. 16615103 Reply

Open file 21.26 KB, 474x248
Pop/rock is finally dead and eating itself, on the evidence of this mediocre and derivative shit. There was some Irish thing on, screaming like a banshee, thinking she was PJ Harvey or Suzi Soo or whatever her fucking name is, and everyone thought she was great. The thing is, they're rubbish to begin with! Then we have Bowie copyists (who was overrated, now the dust has settled), and bands that sound like other bands from thirty or forty years ago. It's all so boring, and I'm finished with the whole thing.
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>>16615178 >nothing is as good as joy division >guess I'll rope meme philosopher is a meme
>who was overrated Listen to Low again you possible plebe
>>16615263 >>16615274 Once again, my big mouth has proved fatal. I retract.
>>16615596 >I retract. Why? It wasn't a challenge. Its just in my little world, original doesn't go as far as "good." Like, Owl City ripped-off The Postal Service, but, I cannot listen to The Postal Service. They don't make music I like to listen to. Owl City does. If I went by who was first, I would be listening to a lot of stuff I do not enjoy, so what would be the point?

de Bernd 2022-06-24 20:06:39 No. 16613024 Reply

Open file 2.93 MB, 720x1280
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how did she look like before the demon killed her and started wearing her skin?
aidsmonkey out of 10

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Open file 84.29 KB, 1062x1080
i need CUDA and 16GB of vram so i can install baby-tier preconfigured machine learning toys and feel smart.
>>16615219 BECT is going to fall massively soon. You should buy one now.
i7-8x 4.0Ghz 16GB DDR4 R7 530 4GB DDR5 500GB PCI-E SSD 65W
>>16613911 They do. nvenc is pretty fast. And in video editing software such as Premiere or AfterEffects with CUDA you can render many times faster than a top CPU.

ch Bernd 2022-06-24 23:54:49 No. 16615035 Reply
When did the US become so sissified? No other country comes close.
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Only on outside and still less than e*rope aka full sissy homosex land.
It's a sissified bvll
and yet, most of us would go there if we had the opportunity

cl Bernd 2022-06-25 01:25:15 No. 16615602 Reply

Open file 79.27 KB, 476x249
do you know what "blithesome" means? :v
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>>16615649 translated and don't know half of them in polish even xD
>>16615649 >voluble >prevaricate sin knowing, being concious >penury bad time >suppliant add something >peregrinate wander >dalliance >licentious give your ass away >enfilade >levin >flummery >ebullient 100 c3lcious >epicene >comestible able to eat >obdurate >kerf >serried >gleet
>>16615617 IDK if you're being ironic but I have a list of words for both English and French, and I take the time to research how to use them aswell as their meaning when I have free time lel
I know 'blithe' - meaning a disease of plants, and in general decay and such so 'blithesome' is pretty straightforward

us Has anyone here picked up church hoes? Bernd 2022-06-23 19:36:45 No. 16601747 Reply Last 50
I’ve been going to church in search of church hoes. No success yet but I got an invite to a sausage fest. Hopefully soon I’ll get my self a loose church hoe. Any advice on getting ass at the expense of God?
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In the church you will meet born again virgins who rode the cock carousel so hard it broke their minds but won't sleep with you because you are le christian potential husbando
>>16614090 You’re right but I am not autism. I’ll straight up tell them it don’t exist in church. And they will never be able to be a virgin no matter how much they want to be. I don’t have a problem letting hoes know their value.
>>16601847 Because it's unproven bullshit. I'm betting on the 'remote, ruralite teenage slut, with inattentive parents' rogue strategy.
>>16615667 A 42 year old mom just tried picking me up on Easter. It’s very proven. Jesus was resurrected so my cock could resurrect.

us Bernd 2022-06-24 22:39:02 No. 16614498 Reply
How do I become better at talking to women? I got laugh at by a woman today, when I tried to get her to go on a date with me.
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>>16614498 Caring about women in public is not advisable around me.
Women are the ones that do the talking. They are the talkative sex. You just lead on the conversation with some remarks here and there.

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I really want a mature woman to rub her feet on my face while she wears pantyhose
this grandma leads the EU. Its over for Putin