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de Bernd 2024-03-03 12:43:33 No. 22776480 Reply
My biggest power fantasy is being a SS soldier at the ramp.

il Bernd 2024-03-03 10:33:23 No. 22775407 Reply

Open file 79.65 KB, 800x1067
Hezbobonga lost 10 terrorists in the last 48 hours. Is Hezbobonga the White Man's army?
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They look whiter than me! :O
>>22775775 They honorably fuck their sheep
>>22775407 >Is Hezbobonga the White Man's army? Hezobonga fights you because you are read as team white guy. If you want to end the war, leave USA and join russia's side. You will see that muslims magically stop hating on you.
>>22776403 >leave USA and join russia's side Will happen eventually because the US is getting more leftist and cuck in each passing day

tx Bernd 2024-03-03 12:39:19 No. 22776440 Reply
I saw some Joe Rogaine clip and he was all mad about transgender saying that China and Russia shill them on TikTok and Internet to destroy america or something (probably true but based). Made me think, I see a KC tranny thread every day, why do people care so much? Joe Rogaine sez "giving children hormones don't know effects" who the hell cares? Really though "think of the children" USA is a country of people who don't care about anything but themselves, kids? Don't care about other people's kids unless they aren't born yet because babortion muh jesus or something USA = 100% retarded
oh look it's texas nigger again
>>22776457 4channer detected >>22776469 4channer detected

Open file 105.78 KB, 491x567
>>22776472 > N...no u are 4chan Better than a gay mexican.

pl Bernd 2024-03-03 10:54:33 No. 22775567 Reply Last 50

Open file 1.79 MB, 586x480
This is how sex after marriage looks like
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>>22776455 It is ALSO an obligation
>>22776461 if you had attraction you wouldn't need marriage
>>22775852 How can empathy not be real? It just means the ability to understand another person's thought processes
>>22776473 because you cannot understand another person's thought processes, if you could, you would've understood mine instead of asking something so stupid

tx Bernd 2024-03-03 12:27:19 No. 22776342 Reply
Christoids are the stupidest animals on the planet, at least muslims have dignity for their religion.
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You are making 3-4 trump threads daily. What is going on?
>>22776390 Biden has literally been denied communion.
>>22776463 sup /pol/ I don't know what this thread has to do with biden

ch Russia Today publishing internal Bundeswehr Webex meeting Bernd 2024-03-03 11:28:03 No. 22775908 Reply Last 50
Why is there no thread about it? tl;dr: The content is quite boring, but the embarrassment is ultra big. PS: There is no video, only audio.
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>>22776412 you still didn't gett the point, impressive >How is it different from any other normie video conference service? no NSA endorsement
Why isn't anyone blaming Singapore telecommunication? Or are they innocent. And this is case of just having malware on laptop.
>>22776277 No just people who don't know OPSEC. When traveling to Hong Kong or Singapore, you do not talk about anything OPSEC even in private. Because of bugs etc. Asia is modern day casablanca.
>>22776219 People shit talk Apple, but isn't Apple unironically secure af? Apple Apps.

ua Mobnik finally got big news Bernd 2024-03-03 12:25:52 No. 22776330 Reply
Guess what? Yeah I'm alive, but that's not it. Brief summary: We moved from Robotyne to the Mariinka direction. You might heard of Pobyeda, a tiny village with lots of fighting. The situation there was and is extremely hard even by our standards. Our command sent people to the village itself, they got killed, vounded and eventually evacuated. Thanks god I wasn't one of them. Then we started building a defensive line on its outskirts. The pidors allowed us to do it for some reason despite their full control of the sky. I helped load logs onto an m113, unload them on site and dig the trenches. People died during that process as well, but in smaller numbers. But then our company computer guy got demobilized, so I took his place. It was an awful job and a shitshow, but I managed. But wait, there's more, and it's the main part. After a week or so I got an offer to go to a rear unit from my m8, and I gladly took it. It seems like they offered it to everyone who had served since the creation of the brigade and didn't commit any fuckups aka СЗЧ, drunken misconduct, etc Long story short, I'm lying on a shitty bed somewhere in western Ukraine right now. I'm not sure for how long they'll let me stay here and do some silly duties, but I think I got at least a few months before they throw me to another combat brigade. So, happy ending of the mobnik saga?
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As you probably expect pidorussian shills buried you again.
>>22776453 They do every time lol
Now you need to cross Romanian border
God bless you mobnik

onion Bernd 2024-03-03 02:33:42 No. 22772901 Reply
>thanks for giving me a ride, bernd
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>>22772901 That image date looks wrong.
>>22773062 Wtf. Elaborate, it is first time I hear this
After the plastic surgery she looks hot
i talked with her on discord. shes alright. Shes really autistic but pretty nice.

fr RIP reality Bernd 2024-03-03 12:32:04 No. 22776384 Reply
Are you ready for AI-generated videos that are indistinguishable from real life?
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Leon Kennedy playing acoustic guitar woow it's amazing
OpenAI will make it kosher Wait until the open alternatives
lmao the alien is not raping anyone I would like to see previous generations that meant they needed to add that
>>22776418 They are troll prompts from OP's 4chan webms he copied from 4chan. At least reddit ones have sound, why do people still browse 4faggots 4ssholes these days?

no Bernd 2024-03-03 12:38:53 No. 22776437 Reply

Open file 61.78 KB, 500x710