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Igor Girkin Man Cave Edition Thread 227: >>18345088 >>18345088 >>18345088
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How can I get into competitive programming with no formal education in CS? I have a bachelors degree in math, know the very basics of O-Notation and can write C and Python code but it's probably not very efficient. Any books you can recommend, or should I just do leetcode type of problems and try to learn C++? I think it would be better to read about how to write efficient algorithms first and then do exercises. I'm still in university so I could also visit some lectures but from my experience CS lectures are slow as shit and reading a book would save me a lot of time, and also I don't know which courses would be best.
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Bad thoughts going into my mind I want to stab and kill Alice
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Who is Igor Gutman?
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>16 hours blackout per day and there is no end
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Listening to the Quran being recited makes me feel calm.
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Can someone redpill me on why the UK economy is doing so badly compared to the rest of Europe? Is it only because of brexit?
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ITT we thank Suroviking for /int/ deswinization efforts.
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I'm going to sell all my Apple shit and gaming PC, and use Debian/OpenBSD exclusively. I'm going to cancel my Youtube Premium subscription, Spotify too. I'm torrenting music from Rutracker now like the good old times. I will get the most basic Android phone I can, and root it. I'm asking my bank for a psychical pin-pass so I can stop using the app. I'm coming home. This life of luxury tech was never truly my life.
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In Finland a young female mail carrier was brutally murdered while on her duty. This caused public anger as being randomly murdered on the street is still quite rare in Finland. A wrong person was arrested and smeared publicly but later acquitted. The real perpetrator came forward and confessed to the police. The murdered female mail carrier was Ukrainian and the killer was Russian. You can't make this up.
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New thread because old one is on autosäge >>18173177 >Updates >Local install Most popular UI: >Cloud hosted >online image generators with NSFW filters: <- has img2img function <- has img2img function <- has inpainting function <- has inpainting function (slow) <- exclusive Stable Diffusion beta version with inpainting <- need a Github account for that one >Models Anything V3: Pepe model: Gigachad model: Sanna Marin model: Spede model:
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I'm not even into gingers and pale women but somehow I can only find this specific bodytype on gingers. I heard once the term "statuesque" but I couldn't find anything with this. Here are examples I made. >petite figure, somewhat fit >ample pelvis bone but very small up-torso and boobs >ass always looks "heart-shaped" and you can clearly see the pelvic bone shaping the ass, sometimes creating a thigh gap due to how large is the pelvis I can't believe Jews hate gingers.
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Ohh… I got arrested by the police today due to that beauty salon stuff and me protesting their misgender and not visiting the police station. They kicked me out in Apeldoorn, without warm clothes. Instead they tried to give me a beltbag from some other person. I tried entering back into the police station, but they said Im not allowed in. They told me to just walk back to Schalkhaar AZC on my feet (5 hours walk), and pushed me out of the entrance, face into the ground. Just sat in front of the station for an hour in chilling cold without warm clothes, in flip-flops (they refused my request to take my warm clothes), cuz I decided to just die today. But in the end cops re-arrested me and dropped at the train station, apparently deciding me freezing dead at their place will be a bad PR. Gathering last strength, pulled myself over the fence, getting onto the train. Still cant feel my toes. Today is definitely not my birthday. My real birthday is when I began HRT. I have got more arrests in NL during two years than I has in Russia for 30 years. Speaking about transphoba…
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Have you ever done anything illegal? Have you ever stole anything? Have you ever done anything fraudulent?
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There are actually people out there that like such "food". Absolutely disgusting; alone from the pic i get a clog in my arteries. A pizza has to look like 2nd pic.
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This nigga basically invented computer games and shiet like your chinese fairy tale simulators Bet you didn't know that, pale faced white ass crackaass
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no electricity but all the power in the world! ✊🏿
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Moscovia is basically Mongol Yoke with brand refreshed with Orthodog-washing, just like some corporations greenwashed their brands. Imagine simping for "christian" Tatars.
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TURKEY BERNDS, get the fuck in here, what is that?! Why is the best pianist on the current iteration of this planet being divorced? I thought Turkey was some sort of conservative wonderland where such things aren't even possible.
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Videogames I'm playing X3 Albion Prelude (totally vanilla) as a Paranid trader Currently saving up for my first mk3 trade software while manually trading with two TS, no jump drives. Mostly just ferrying energy cells. What is brent playing?
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post yours
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My 13yo Hebe waifu is turning 14 soon. Recommend me a new Hebe waifu I should attach myself to for the next 3 years or so.
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Buy some Cardano to get rich next bull-run.
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What happened to your exes? Did they get justed? My ex gf was convinced by her gay male friend that she was a lesbian (idk what benefits that had for him) and broke up with me because of it years later she's single, none of her lesbian relationships worked out and tripled her weight. She's still friends with him tho
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>the brack probrem
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I just bought my first watch, now I'm thinking that watches are useless in current year. Do you wear a watch? Which one?
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Our kots at my mother's house rate
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Okay this is epic
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prime spot for lurking the KC. i even got LTE.
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Who are some of your favorite fictional lolis or loli artists? I love Gura, Sherry Birkin, Toph and everything by Lil Andy.
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>looking for 50+ years old prostitutes who do anal again It's over.
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This thread is to share and request any nasheed you like. Anybody has the classical Salil al-Sawarim? No edit nothing, just the pure nasheed.
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Why shouldn't my diet be 80%+ carbs?
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looking back on imageboard ""culture"", it's kinda fucking cringe innit?
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Word has gotten out that the main reason the eu is withholding money from hungary is because of our anti-faggot education law. They really really insist on being able to propagandize to children because they know that in that case they just need to wait out the current generation, once everyone is a leftist dicksuck of cuckservative they can do their usual spiel.
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ITT post your favourite games
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Will you be more inclined to trust Musk's brain microchip knowing he's based, redpilled and owning the libtards?
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>25% of earths size >1% of earths mass explain?
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If you go to Canada every man under 50 looks like one of these three archetypes.
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Thinking about buying a MacBook. Not that I need it, but I need a new notebook in the next year or so and I fear that intentional ramblam may influence prices. What is Bernds expert opinion on this? will this notebook get cheaper /after Christmas? will all notebook suddenly become very cheap because of Taiwan politics? How will Musk interference influence price? How will China politics influence prices?
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These people are fucked in the head.
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That what happens when you criticize Xitlers Corona policy.
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Post some good music from videogames.
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What are the qualifications? I really need neetbux. I envy it.
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Why are wectern cartoons so disgusting
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I know now that it could never work between us. As much as we wanted to, it could never be. Not because you're a rabbit but because I'm black.
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>All ethnic groups on Earth are the same species "Homo Sapiens" >The first Homo Sapiens appeared 200k years old >The oldest Civilization is 10k years old So what did we do the other 190k years? 1. Were our ancestors too retarded? I thought they were homo sapiens. Did we really need all that time to slowly increase our intelligence to a level capable of written language, large buildings and social organization? 2. Did we have more ancient civilizations? Why can't we find anything about them? Did we build out of degradable material?
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How do you even solve this? Is this a troll riddle? >you only know the contents (apple. orange, watermelon) of the overall fruit >you only know the contents (a, o, w) of the rotten fruit >there is no way to calculate how much of the overall fruit is rotten
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Why are Russians like that
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Bernd, post the best Videos from brazil
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FUCK THE JANNIES!!!! Everything allowed Except: Scat and niggers
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I will never experience true love >inb4 mom Other than mom I mean
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91 bernds could have been invetigated today: Police raided 91 homes in Germany over "hate postenings".
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When I was 12 I was in a space star thing in school and jacked off next to the girl I liked in the dark with the whole class in there. Use to go to church with her amusingly too. I also use to steal my friends sisters panties and use them to jack off. Also jacking off into them and putting them back. I once fapped to my brother fucking his girl but it felt weird after. I also paid people 20 bucks to fuck live online for me. Pretty vanilla when you think about it. What about you guys?
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Vitamin A is good for the function of the respiratory system.
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Deutsche, was lehrt man euch in der Schule über das Heilige Römische Reich?
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Do you think we will see a great happening in the near future?
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I love when rightoids and neo-nazis complain about "tyranny" when they literally want to implement the most tyrannical system.
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anyone have any insights? does it vary between semi chaste and different tinder cock every day? anyone have first hand experience with room mates or somethign? inquiring minds want to know
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Opinion on pubic and armpit hair?
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SHOCKING: Liver King was on steroids 💉 Leaked emails shows that Liver King was taking almost $12k worth of pharmaceutical HGH per month, three injections per day. All while promoting his brand of holistic lifestyle, ancestral tenants, and eating raw meat on camera.
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>+15mg Diazepam
R: 13 / F: 2 / P: 7
Does anyone have any forums or chans that are similar to kohl? I'm looking for more options to jerk to
R: 79 / F: 20 / P: 7's over.
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Where do you acquire gf? Teach me kein pros.
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Why did they build these? Was it aliens?
R: 10 / F: 1 / P: 8
they have played us for absolute fools
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Name a cool thing America made or did in the past 10 years? Apart from the covid virus
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Finally winter arrived. Are you cozy, Bernd?
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The naggers are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe, and the joos have their back. We will not live in fear of naggers, nor will we be governed by joos. The joos and naggers are working to take people's minds through an overwhelming stream of disinformation and propaganda. The liberal culture we see in the west is a jooish fabrication. !!!!!! See for more information. !!!!!! The joos own the governments and media in the west. The joos use their power to pass anti-white laws, run anti-white media, censor black crimes and intensely promote miscegenation, LGBT and diversity. The joos are funding massive illegal migration in USA and Europe. Joos genocided 60 million people, fabricated the holocaust as a distraction, framed Hitler as the bad guy, and then took over the education system to prevent people from finding out. The gas chambers of the "holocaust" are akin to the WMDs of Iraq, a farce used to justify military action. The jooish holy book says that non-joos are the same as animals. How would joos feel if people were instructed to consider -them- as animals? Should they be setting our laws and choosing our education? As traditional terrorists call white people "infidels," jooish terrorists call white people "goyim" or “gentiles.” - We are in a situation where we cannot rely on or trust the governments and the elections are not in the hands of the people. Each nagger costs taxpayers approximately $750k (in welfare alone) over their lifetime. Naggers say they attack whites because of “slavery” but most slave traders were jooish and the average joo was 40x more likely to be a slave owner than a white person. Besides being a mostly jooish phenomenon, the number of enslaved naggers in the USA was extremely small and is obfuscated by the joos for rhetorical effect. We move forward by sharing this information, awareness is essential.
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ITs over
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Pois eu vou fazer uma prece Pra Deus, nosso senhor Pra chuva parar de molhar O meu divino amor Que é muito lindo É mais que o infinito É puro e belo Inocente como a flor Por favor chuva ruim Não molhe mais O meu amor assim
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its coming
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prime spot for lurking the KC. i even got LTE.
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dedolarisation begins.
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I just got fired for being lazy
R: 2 / F: 0 / P: 9
It arrived
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Why are torrent comments like this?
R: 290 / F: 291 / P: 9
anime then vs anime now
R: 9 / F: 1 / P: 9
Mom built OpenCV with UB sanitizer
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I am almost blackening out from drunkeness. I am a shut in who does not leave my room beyond for alcohol.
R: 6 / F: 4 / P: 9
What if a tranny's head has been trasplanted on a woman's body? Is it still gay?
R: 2 / F: 0 / P: 9
Never watched this. It is an alternative ending of Godfather 3. Just found it on Netflix.
R: 40 / F: 5 / P: 9
Does bernd know the concept of toxic masculinity and does he think it negatively affected him?
R: 21 / F: 5 / P: 9
is this guy russian?
R: 4 / F: 3 / P: 10
Yes sir, no sir Please let me die, sir I think this life is affecting my brain
R: 4 / F: 4 / P: 10
he thought the kali yuga had an ending! he mad!
R: 16 / F: 1 / P: 10
First day of the last month of 2022 How was your 2022, bernd?
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Brother printer was telling me the toner is empty after 500 printenings (supposed to last 1500), I deleted the history and it works now. Why are printing jews like that?
R: 1 / F: 0 / P: 10
Name one country that is better to live than your current country. Name one country that is worse to live than your current country.
R: 21 / F: 2 / P: 10
Did you know that... the head of Russian Wagner group is a gnatzee? ZOMG. Just heard it on German TV. Putin is officially dead to me.
R: 4 / F: 1 / P: 10
bought beer
R: 31 / F: 5 / P: 10
What does it feel like to drive a car?
R: 187 / F: 98 / P: 10
ITT we post mp4s and webms that represent American core values and spirit. God bless America
R: 158 / F: 224 / P: 10
… Don't push too far your dreams of shota in your hand!
R: 37 / F: 21 / P: 11
This puzzle threada is dedicated to the loyalest of puzzle frens who has butifel hands! May this extended birthday threda version (that is just for you) be a reminder to stay the way you are. Since you are good clever guy :3 Happy Birthday Berndinho <3 Creating Puzzles See picrel 4 1) Paste image url* (jpg/png/gif) 2) Enter number of pieces. 1000 max, but that is hard on Bernd's eyes. Lurk more to learn the best PPB (Pieces-Per-Bernd) ratios. 3) Check "Mystery Puzzle" checkbox (no preview) 4) Click "Create the Jigsaw Puzzle" button 5) Click "Try It" link 6) Click Multiplayer (people) icon 7) Enter nickname 8) Click "Create Game Link" button IN CASE OF TROLL, HOLD SHIFT AND CLICK 9) Click "Copy Link" button 10) Paste link ITT 11) ??? 12) PROFIT!!! Tips For Finding Puzzle Pictures (Easy Mode) Search for: Jigsaw puzzle {some topic} Specify large images 1024x768 or larger work best. You can use smaller images, but they will probably be blurry. If you find a good topic (like kots) and a specific site has a lot of good images, add: to the search. Some good sites with puzzle images: Example Search: Puzzle Etiquette and useful stuff (maybe) 1) Try not to put pieces back around the edges of the screen, even if that's where you got them from. Also, press "R" every once in a while. If the pieces are all over the place, press "shift+R" to regroup all unconnected pieces. 2) Try not to hold pieces if you don't know what to do with them, especially connected pieces. 3) Try not to put pieces on top of other pieces. This includes partially covering other pieces, especially pieces of similar colors. The goal is to be able to see all the edges of all the pieces all the time. 4) Try not to put single pieces inside the frame. 5) Be aware that what you see may not be what other Bernds see. Avoid fighting and moving pieces back and forth for no good reason. Use 1080p fullscreen if possible. 6) Respect other's work (sorting, connected pieces, etc.). He who starts a piece of work is the final decision maker on it. Basically, you can help out but if someone keeps "un-doing" your help, take the hint and back off. Make a post in the thread to ask questions or give suggestions. 7) Try to keep it to one active puzzle at a time. 8) Don't move the (main) puzzle, if you accidently do, bring it back to where it was before. 9) Talk about any issues in the thread, don't be passive aggressive in game. 10) Low contrast puzzles are a pain in the ass. Don't use old ass paintings. It's no fun. If using low contrast motives, you can easily increase contrast using any graphics editor :3 ty in advance. 11) Puzzles with large areas of solid or similar color are no fun either. 12) When you create a puzzle please post a screenshot of the puzzle result after it's finished. 13) NSFW/L puzzles MUST be properly marked as such. Old Thread >>Got extended for Berndinho <3 Skribblo For Skribbl Game Room just ask in threda :3
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Why do women say they are flatchested when they actually have nice round tits? Flat is flat you stupid whores!
R: 17 / F: 4 / P: 11
Why are chinks like this?
R: 38 / F: 3 / P: 11
>norgayian seeder appears in dead torrent for first time in 3 months >his speed is 12kb
R: 6 / F: 1 / P: 11
I'm going to cross breed a Latvian and a Lithuanian and I will call it a Lithuatvian
R: 5 / F: 1 / P: 11
What does non american think of Stevie Nicks' voice?
R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 11
Bad news sir is that you have a viruses and a hacker on your computer. Good news is that I can remove the virus. I just need one walmart giftcard.
R: 15 / F: 1 / P: 11
can you find the hidden tiger? xd
R: 13 / F: 2 / P: 11
Would it be possible for a half Thai shitskin manlet to get a Russian vatnik gf?
R: 20 / F: 0 / P: 11
>drink 1 beer in bed under lots of sheets because it's cold night >edged a bit earlier on but didn't ejaculate. >after drinking need to piss so get out from under the bedsheets, go to piss, have a quick snack in the kitchen, go back to bed under the sheets >immediately need to piss again, so have to repeat get out of bed. >this happens 3 times in 20 minutes Is there something wrong with my bladder? Do I have an enlarged prostate or something, like wtf. I read somewhere that prolongued edging really fucks you up down there. Also each time I piss it comes out quite slowly, not much pressure at all, I think I'll have to avoid alcohol or only drink wine or spirits that don't me need to piss so much. I literally have to go again now after writing out this post!
R: 38 / F: 6 / P: 12
Nice try, homo, but your judicial activism attempt has failed.
R: 21 / F: 7 / P: 12
I HATE star wars. it's full of ugly aliens that is representing american society it's very unhealthy, only judaised consciousness can enjoy this monstrosity. it's El creaturas in space.
R: 17 / F: 4 / P: 12
What are you racial enemies? Mine are mizrahim.
R: 101 / F: 11 / P: 12
What would you do if you had to go to American high school and this happened?
R: 12 / F: 0 / P: 12
Is there an app or something to gamify goals and routines in real life? I'm trying to build better habits and work towards goals, but it is difficult.
R: 21 / F: 3 / P: 12
I just realized why normies all give the advice "just be yourself" and "just do hobbies bro" It's because when you do outside stuff you have fun and when you talk to women you tell her DHV stories about the fun you had. And thats attractive to women. So then you just build comfort, and as long as you are escalating all the time you will eventually meet women who are DTF. I figured it all out This explains why I've had no women in 10 years - because I've been playing video games and unemployed this whole time. I have fucking nothing to talk about lmfao. Video games, drugs and crypto are the least interesting things for women to hear about - unless you are a dev, drug dealer or work with crypto.
R: 29 / F: 4 / P: 12
i like when neo-nazis use v for vendetta imagery and quotes when the comic/movie's main villain was a fascist regime
R: 70 / F: 2 / P: 12
Eggsplain please
R: 9 / F: 2 / P: 12
Which country is whiter? Poorer?
R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 12
I cum maybe 2-3 times per day maybe more depending on how stressed I am
R: 10 / F: 1 / P: 13
when is this shitstain gonna die?
R: 26 / F: 3 / P: 13
In the US, I suffer because it cost $10 to buy a jar of mayonnaise that doesn't have seed oils, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or industrial additices.
R: 7 / F: 3 / P: 13
Im NATO whore
R: 20 / F: 1 / P: 13
why body cant repair wounds properly? also fun fact if you get vitaminc c deficiency all your wounds that have scar tissue open and you start bleeding from them
R: 14 / F: 6 / P: 13
t- 2:40
R: 21 / F: 1 / P: 13
Have a chance of sleeping with a girl. She invited me over for dinner at her place tonight, but honestly I don't even want to have any intimacy. I feel depressed, hard to explain, it's some sort of melancholy, I don't want to do anything but rot. I do the hole 9 yards, gym, vitamins, sleep, 'social life'. It's not making me happy. I sit around with people and just wonder off with my thoughts. I don't know what to do.
R: 158 / F: 86 / P: 13
Hey, where the old thread? fugg, RIB in thread havene :DDD
R: 30 / F: 20 / P: 13
@Adolf New AI just dropped
R: 8 / F: 0 / P: 13
social interaction in trannyzil
R: 164 / F: 387 / P: 13
Post your maps
R: 82 / F: 30 / P: 14
Chinsectsbros... but china state media told us wect is done for.
R: 15 / F: 5 / P: 14
just prank! relax bernd
R: 40 / F: 8 / P: 14
bernds You got to understand that war against Tomboys is bigger than you think. You see Tomboys represent EVERYTHING trannys hate and despise. They intrinsically are polar opposites as Tomboys are girls who act boyish while traps are men who are desperately trying to become feminine. When a trap looks at a Tomyboy HE sees a natural woman giving up something he's trying to become (feminine), to be more boyish. This would be the morally equivalent of a starving African child seeing a fat Swedish man throw steaks away in the garbage because it wasn't cooked in his favorite sauce or throwing whole pizzas away because he hates sausage.I could not imagine seeing that level of internal envy or seething. But the war doesn't stop with transmen attacking tomboys, women also find themselves at odds with tomboys. When women see other women acting like boys they naturally recoil and act disgusted. There is admittedly a society norm for women to act feminine so you shouldn't blame them too much. However some go through exaggerated lengths to attack tomboys (usually in an attempt to better her own position) Tomboys represent an early pinnacle for humankind. Women need a certain level of masculinity in order to survive the rough world of the old days. They still in fact have the biological means to do it again, it is implanted into their minds but with today's hyper feminine mind-ops they suppress it. Gay men (Femboys) often find themselves in conflict with tomboys as men who act feminine naturally disgust or confuse tomboys as seeing something should be masculine,acts feminine. Usually it's the Tomboy who are the aggressor in this because Femboys tend to be more passive however none the less annoying at times. So there you have it bernds, the world is against Tomboys, so the question you should ask your self is, why else besides these reason is the world so set against Tomboys? Why can they not let Tomboys live in peace? What can (You) do to help save Tomboys today?
R: 21 / F: 5 / P: 14
I accidentally walked into the wrong apartment. I live on another floor. I am retarded.
R: 209 / F: 75 / P: 14
Hi all! I've just noticed that by coincidence, I had created the previous thread on November 22nd last year, at 9 pm precisely. :3 It is now 365 days later and I've got the next card ready for /int/ which I will send out to each and every Bernd who is interested. You might think it features Ukraine just because of the war – but that is not so. Ukrainians have been asking to be featured on a card for a long time, just as South Americans. Last year there was Brazil cutting down a Christmas tree, so this year it's Ukraine's turn. I hope this card does not cause too much butthurt and that Russians will still like to receive it. They are, after all, the most numerous international card exchange participants. And just like last year, I've found the time to re-create an older card, namely the one from 2015. The style is a bit simpler, and I've focused on the center scene. I'm sending both cards in one envelope because the weight limit allows it and postage is the cost factor here anyway, not printing cost. To receive a card, simply send an email to containing your address or additional questions. All cards are free, it's a purely philanthropic project. Make sure to spell your address right. Also, please bother to find out your postal code. In theory, I can do it as well, but it's tricky when you don't speak Portuguese, Russian or whatever. Note: addresses don't work. Please use a different trash mail.
R: 29 / F: 4 / P: 14
Watching Twitch strema
R: 29 / F: 11 / P: 14
Plantened out seeds from last two pomodoros and placed near radiator.
R: 21 / F: 8 / P: 14
1 week of nofap and I jerked off to chastity femdom porn.
R: 25 / F: 3 / P: 14
How is your relationship with your sister, bernd?
R: 5 / F: 2 / P: 14
Guten Morgen. I love 2D feet!
R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 15
Would you let another Bernd jerk you off?
R: 93 / F: 37 / P: 15
Does anyone else think Putin’s retarded? The west can just keep supplying Ukraine for years while Russia wastes its own citizens’ lives, its own money, its own artillery and its own political capital. It’s the most fucking retarded war I’ve ever seen.
R: 55 / F: 23 / P: 15
This thread will never disappear. I will keep this thread alive till 2024.
R: 19 / F: 3 / P: 15
If they figured out time travel would you go back to your years or even further where you never existed or would you go to the future..?
R: 7 / F: 1 / P: 15
Thanks for your opinion
R: 12 / F: 9 / P: 15
what is bernds profile pic?
R: 10 / F: 2 / P: 15
>Fifa was all nice and clean dancing around the fire and singing until evil BR became president and corrupted it Why should I trust anglos
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 15
>the Church used to permit prostitution as it would prevent promiscuity, rape, homosexuality, and demasculinization >today men are men are either gay or femboys What happened?
R: 22 / F: 5 / P: 15
Schoolbook is causing controversy in Catalunia for trying to explain to 3 year olds how to masturbate
R: 17 / F: 8 / P: 15
How this make u feel?
R: 11 / F: 3 / P: 16
89 year old woman was raped in her nursing home by a 36 year old family friend last year. She will be euthanized for unbearable psychological suffering in 12 days. rate
R: 6 / F: 1 / P: 16
Good night
R: 6 / F: 3 / P: 16
i love anime music videos
R: 8 / F: 1 / P: 16
I walked 20 km, I biked 6 km and swam 2 km today. Am I a walker?
R: 28 / F: 6 / P: 16
Downloading JAV against.
R: 8 / F: 3 / P: 16
I thought I still had another pack of gum left but after searching my whole fucking room I still can't find any and too already drunked to drive to store tonight I am absolutely fucking FIENDING
R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 16
Bernd I want to change my life around. I dont' want my 30's to be wasted like my 20's. What do I do? My settings Mid tier blue collar job Rent apartment have car clean bill of health, but a bit overweight(losing it tho) no real special skills but i do have at least avg iq. plans for next year lose 15lbs(already lost 20 so far) get cert it certs and change jobs try to get out a bit more and see the world dump all my time into artistic hobbies
R: 26 / F: 4 / P: 16
R: 10 / F: 2 / P: 16
Cooked an pea soup from pressed boiled peas (14uah). Additional info: I hate peas. Added sliced smoked sosiskers, potato and greens. Rate it 8.7/10
R: 32 / F: 6 / P: 16
83 years ago on this day the Soviets invaded Finland. Finland was expected to capitulate by Christmas, but the initial invasion failed and Finland managed to push back. The failure of the first weeks made Stalin to reform the Soviet army in the beginning of 1940. The Finnish army was in a very third world state; Finland had really no tanks, planes, artillery or ammunition. Many Finnish soldiers used their personal hunting rifles. Finland sought material support from the West, but as Nazi Germany was a co-belligerent of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany held Finland under a blockade meaning all support had to come through Sweden. Sweden gave as much support as they neutrally could without endangering their own defense or angering the Soviets, but not much else support was able to reach Finland. As the Soviet army kept on pushing more pressure (as many as 1 million soldiers) and Finns were running out of ammunition and it was becoming clear no Western support was ever coming to Finland, Finland sought peace. The Soviet army wanted to refuse the peace as Finland was about to capitulate in a few months, but Stalin signed the peace nevertheless. In the bitter peace, Finland had to cede one of its most populous, fertile and industrialized lands to the Soviets. All defenses were lost and the Soviets were allowed to have 50 000 soldiers in Finland next to Helsinki. It's not clear why Stalin agreed to the peace. One theory is the international politics, other one is the plan to occupy Finland later in 1940 but with much less casualties and political hazzle. The peace made Finland defenseless and unable to feed its own population. After the war Finland sought military and trade alliance with the Nordics, France, UK, Nazi Germany and the USA. All of them refused. After Nazi Germany occupied Denmark and Norway, Finland was left with an option to seek help either from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. In July-August 1940 Nazi Germany came forward with a suggestion of a trade and military co-operation that eventually led to the Continuation War in 1941.
R: 25 / F: 10 / P: 17
Senators talking about all the crimes committed by the Supreme Court and Lula in the elections. 100 thousand people watching. Is it happening?
R: 8 / F: 6 / P: 17
No fucking food to eat.
R: 16 / F: 3 / P: 17
it just occurred to me that no female has ever genuinely smiled at me
R: 15 / F: 8 / P: 17
>Bernd, I'm appointing you head of the Special Military Operation. What is your strategy to defeat the Ukrainians? Lørs?
R: 5 / F: 1 / P: 17
I have a formal wool coat but I need a casual parka and can't find anything interesting. I thought about the USAF n3b parka, but it looks too old-timey.
R: 8 / F: 0 / P: 17
Trannies rights will be the defining issue of this generation. Agree or disagree? Extrapolate your inaugurations.
R: 12 / F: 3 / P: 17
R: 10 / F: 3 / P: 17
Total Brazilian death: good or bad? What does the science say?
R: 11 / F: 1 / P: 17
Whats this guy saying?
R: 8 / F: 2 / P: 17
R: 23 / F: 1 / P: 18
Is WoW good now?
R: 12 / F: 1 / P: 18
my jirlfriend....
R: 31 / F: 28 / P: 18
So it's just ok for women to breastfeed babies in public but when I cockfeed a baby in public I get arrested?
R: 34 / F: 7 / P: 18
How much longer can I keep telling myself "it's ok, my real life will start tomorrow" before it's too late? I'm 25. I fear if I keep going like this I'll wind up totally alone at 80, after a life lived for nothing, wasting in a nursing home with only the other defectives and the pretty nurses who are paid to keep me company and clean my ass.
R: 27 / F: 5 / P: 18
Is he biased?
R: 6 / F: 2 / P: 18
watching bonsai videos on youtube isn't it cruel to constantly stunt a life for aesthetics? how does japanese zen reconcile this torturous hobby.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
R: 19 / F: 2 / P: 18
Cryptobros... we are so fucking back.
R: 11 / F: 3 / P: 18
Just began to watch it again from season 1. I remember that last time i stopped watching ot on season 4. The series grew to colossal size in the meantime, it has like 11 seasons and single season has like 16 episodes. It will take at least a month to watch it all kek.
R: 7 / F: 2 / P: 18
Why is Ukraine about to get shitty weather?
R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 18
I ate spicy curry and today is second day me shitting every 15 minutes. My arse and stomach hurt.
R: 15 / F: 5 / P: 19
She does fuck dogs right? Look at this, she even has a dog paw tattoo and does weird shit besides the dogs.
R: 8 / F: 1 / P: 19
I'm an artist Tell me how to sell the art
R: 31 / F: 3 / P: 19
Why are germs like this?
R: 5 / F: 1 / P: 19
I hate being awake. Its not even that bad but pointless and tiresome. Meanwhile my dreams are amazing and if I wake up, I immediately sleep back and do this again and again until I cannot. This way I have several dreams and dont have to experience reality so instantly. Then I wait until the next dreams.. Do you have similiar settis?
R: 10 / F: 0 / P: 19
Finnish mating ritual
R: 16 / F: 1 / P: 19
Hair is everything.
R: 9 / F: 0 / P: 19
Just saw a Nord girl with an orc. It's over. Tamriel has fallen.
R: 5 / F: 1 / P: 19
Bernd, could you recommend a fantasy novel? pic related: what I read last
R: 45 / F: 12 / P: 19
Why are bernds so anti-abortion? Kneejerk anti-roastieism? understandable Holdover from earlier held conservacuck beliefs? Christian ZOGOLEM faggery? It doesn't line up with other general bernd positions such as misanthropy and desire to remove shitskins and bydlo. Nothing prevents the accumulation of human garbage more than abortion. Or do berndnigs really want more single mothers raising useless louts? pls excoriate thy garlics, kctards
R: 27 / F: 12 / P: 19
Watching watch repairs is very addictive.
R: 24 / F: 2 / P: 20
I wish I was rich enough to afford a harem.
R: 10 / F: 0 / P: 20
mum keeps sniffing around my room when i go to have a shower
R: 16 / F: 1 / P: 20
Why Slavic girl skinny?
R: 48 / F: 14 / P: 20
I invested $379.08 in this song
R: 12 / F: 7 / P: 20
I like listening to cute girls talk
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 20 >1:43 Can someone explain to me the heterosexual pegging fetish? I am a bisexual guy, but being sodomized by a woman sounds way too repulsive, so I never understood how can any man find it acceptable to be submissive to a woman. Ps: This is not a shitpost thread, I understand that some men like to take it from behind and some like women, but the mix of both + being submissive to a being that should be the submissive one is what I find it weird.
R: 51 / F: 18 / P: 20
I'm inclined to say Torino is the best city in Italy. Any dissenting opinions?
R: 22 / F: 6 / P: 20
The fuck
R: 11 / F: 2 / P: 20
R: 37 / F: 16 / P: 20
Florida couple arrested for torturing kitten in sea.
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 21
Well you've really done it this time Bernd. Time to smarten up and not do that again ok?
R: 12 / F: 12 / P: 21
Who is prettier Mia Goth or Anya
R: 15 / F: 1 / P: 21
So if a man doing a homorape is gay, is he as gay as the rapee, or less gay? Or maybe even more gay?
R: 65 / F: 7 / P: 21
R: 19 / F: 2 / P: 21
I want to be hugged by 13 yo cunny
R: 49 / F: 7 / P: 21
>his family heritage was a bakery <he ruined the bakery in 2 years, making 2 million € debt >he went out at night killing tons of deer without consent and butchering them <when local cops stopped him in routine control, he killed the cops in cold blood >he was charged with double murder <when it came to the trial, he appeared with a new hair cut, looking like the devil >he was given max sentence <in his last words he said, that the trial reminded him of witch-trials Today was a good day for german deer. Many small deer lost their parents to this demon and many didn't survive their childhood because of his evil.
R: 12 / F: 2 / P: 21
Here's ur gf bro
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 21
France tells its prefects to prepare for rotatives power cuts. 2 sets of hours would be affected: 8am-1pm and 6pm-8pm. Hospitals, police, jails, "sensitive industrial sites" would all be exempted. Schools affected by a 8am-1pm cut would have to remain closed for security reasons. That would probably affect parents' ability to work during those times if their work have power but not their kids's school. People will be informed the previous evening at 5pm if there are rotative cuts in their areas. If a train's route isn't fully powered, trains will be cancelled in some areas during cuts. Internet will not be accessible during power cuts. France's emergency numbers could have difficulties getting calls. If they are unavalable, people will have access to physical "Alert points" where they will be able to inform authorities about emergencies. Big cities are not expected to be fully impacted due to complexity of their electric network and the risk to shut down electricity in important cites.
R: 22 / F: 2 / P: 21
People in Bangladesh celebrating Argentinas victory against Poland
R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 21
was caught at an airport in germany; they got out of nowhere from a sidedoor that i didn't even recognize as such and draged me into customs. they questioned me things i didn't know about, went through my belongings and in the end they let me go. i don't know what they where searching for, but i feel violated, so what legal actions i can do against them while i am here?
R: 5 / F: 3 / P: 22
You have big ears
R: 13 / F: 1 / P: 22
Other than Hungary, is there any European nation which has NEVER been relevant? Even Poland and Bulgaria have had periods of relevancy.
R: 15 / F: 2 / P: 22
What happens if you don't fap for one year?
R: 31 / F: 3 / P: 22
I've filled out my therapy paperwork, indicating that I'm gay. "Came out" to my boss and everyone at work as well. I'm so sick of feeling powerless, I feel more respected now like people are scared to offend me. I'm straight btw I just crave institutional power
R: 7 / F: 2 / P: 22
Can you be a classical liberal and.. antisemitic, at the same time?
R: 40 / F: 22 / P: 22
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 22
I feel like someone like myself cant live alone. I need someone to live with me. Im scared right now. I think im going to move back with my mom in 1-2 months.
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 22
Good evening fuck russian subhumans, kill and dismember russian children.
R: 13 / F: 3 / P: 22
ليكن الله معك
R: 30 / F: 22 / P: 22
Why does the evil poccnor likes kots?
R: 5 / F: 3 / P: 23
This song is stuck in my head
R: 403 / F: 398 / P: 23 AS!
They killed millions.
R: 6 / F: 1 / P: 23
is just aliexpress for normies?
R: 60 / F: 16 / P: 23
>mom notices that I'm descending deeper in bernddoom >"You will join me in the gym, bernd. I pay for it" >first time at a gym, tons of equipment >mom teaches me about every machine that I need to use >complete all exercises but one >HiT >get a cramp, the personal trainer has to help me out Still was 10/10, would recommend it, I'm feeling great. This motivated me to chase my projects to earn my own money and pay for the gym myself, I will probably go there tomorrow too.
R: 15 / F: 3 / P: 23
The Baltic Pipe natural gas pipeline, stretching from the North Sea to Poland via Denmark, has reached its full annual capacity of 10 billion cubic metres, the pipeline’s Polish operator Gaz-System reported on Wednesday. The statement quoting Gaz-System CEO Tomasz Stępień said that Baltic Pipe was able to cover 60 percent of Poland’s natural gas demand. Get fucked, Russian niggers xD
R: 40 / F: 38 / P: 23
today I would like to remind you that italians ACTUALLY adopted this piece of shit
R: 69 / F: 9 / P: 23
Destiny, the most popular leftist twitch streamer, has named the Jew
R: 30 / F: 1 / P: 23
World average IQ is definitely below 100. So why does everyone spout average IQ is 100? Whatever you Google always the aame answer. Either they are stupid or I can't into calculating averages. For every country with IQ 100 (Just around 15 countries) and above you can easily find a pair country with low IQ and similar population, such that their pair IQ is well below 100. Like China and India are 93.5. Question for French Math Bernd.
R: 63 / F: 7 / P: 23
And now, Twitter willl be removed the App Store.
R: 19 / F: 1 / P: 23
>1 december how was your no nut november?
R: 15 / F: 4 / P: 24
I should die. Go with the Lord.
R: 27 / F: 2 / P: 24
She's dying
R: 138 / F: 20 / P: 24
Ruh Roh
R: 59 / F: 10 / P: 24
street food
R: 6 / F: 2 / P: 24
Why is indirect suggestion so effective?
R: 20 / F: 5 / P: 24
Tomorrow in Italian Parliament new law will be passed to give more military aid to Ukraine in 2023 Everyone is for it except Cinque Stelle, a far left hippie terroni bullshit "party"
R: 16 / F: 5 / P: 24
What's the deal with this video game character Cloud? He's never interested in girls despite each girl hitting on him in missions.
R: 67 / F: 6 / P: 24
Whites have a big advantage but will they panic?
R: 57 / F: 9 / P: 24
Cola used to taste more of caramel, why did it change?
R: 14 / F: 4 / P: 24
Eating pineapples
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 25
rate my forum post
R: 11 / F: 5 / P: 25
university had to update its code of conduct and put up signs telling students (actually just women) that wearing just a bra isn't enough clothing to be in class and that professors have the right to ask students wearing such attire to leave the classroom or put a shirt on. until last week women were walking around wearing just bras with nipples protruding as if it was completely normal. now the student union is organizing a protest.
R: 41 / F: 18 / P: 25
yoo vill eet da bugs
R: 24 / F: 10 / P: 25
Spotify's 2022 retrospective just dropped Rate and post yours
R: 8 / F: 0 / P: 25
Is down for anyone else?
R: 6 / F: 4 / P: 25
Bernd, recommend a good quality winter jacket on budget.
R: 8 / F: 4 / P: 25
Todays in KC tier cinema
R: 14 / F: 4 / P: 25
What does the poccner Z even stand for?
R: 8 / F: 3 / P: 25
By reading my post and recognizing my correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, your brain subconsciously associates the person behind this post as a person worth listening to and worth talking to. You have no information about my appearance and therefore your brain assumes a reasonable average. This is a trick and it happens often on the internet. The internet would be a completely different place, if we were able to see the face and hear the voice of every poster. We would never engage with certain posts and posters, because we would immediately filter them out or dismiss their claims on reality.
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 25
umm soyence bros?
R: 74 / F: 15 / P: 26
yellow qr code turns you into a homeless person since you can no longer return into your appartmen or hotel. every commieblock has a digital checkpoint now
R: 17 / F: 1 / P: 26
R: 17 / F: 3 / P: 26
Why do all Harley Pasternaks clients end up so fucked? Miley Cyrus Kanye Kardashians Megan Fox Brendan Fraser
R: 27 / F: 2 / P: 26
>buy dollars during the war of independence when they're worthless <becomes filthy rich >decides to sell bedwarmers to the Caribbean <people find out it can be used in the molasses industry and he makes a shitton of money >thinks shipping coal to the coal capital of the world (Newcastle) is a good idea <his ship reaches the place right as a col miners strike begin, and under the ensuing shortage his cargo sells like crazy >ships Bibles to fucking Indonesia <many missionaries show up and buy them >ships stray cats to the Caribbean again <people buy them to try to get rid of rat infestations >buy tons upon tons of useless whalebones <they become really profitable when the French start using corsets this mad lad was truly unstopable all the while he was basically illiterate
R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 26
What would you say is this phenotype?
R: 25 / F: 3 / P: 26
How do you reconcile balkanization is good for the slavs but at the same time Quebec sovereignty is bad?
R: 8 / F: 2 / P: 26
R: 14 / F: 4 / P: 26
>want to buy a parking space in underground garage in my commieblock >contact women selling it, offer 11k EUR, she agrees >next day she wants 1500EUR more, says she has another buyer, I agree to rise the price >she tells me she needs money on Friday, I say ok >she now tells me she needs money tomorrow, I say ok >ask her what time we meet >no answer I hate doing business with wahmen so much pic unrelated
R: 10 / F: 0 / P: 26
Is John Wick 3 good?
R: 18 / F: 8 / P: 26
Good news, frateles! In the Regatul Unit, Romanian is the third most spoken language now! Pakis on suicide watch! >Big rise in Romanian speakers with 7.5% speaking the language in Harrow, ONS reveals >Romanian is now the third most common language spoken in UK after English and Polish
R: 7 / F: 5 / P: 27
Daily argie women appreciation thread I can feel her smell from here
R: 20 / F: 5 / P: 27
Why are Dutchoids like this?
R: 25 / F: 6 / P: 27
>Hoped to go back after 2-3 months, now they want to stay in Norway
R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 27
Hello Bernd I am installing Guild Wars 2 because boredom Wish me luck
R: 8 / F: 1 / P: 27
>A teacher in Lawrenceville, GA was beaten by a student 1 day after discussing this student’s poor performance with parents Why are American students so violent?
R: 7 / F: 3 / P: 27
Why can't I stop returning here?
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 27
I upgraded my cell phone contract to unlimited calls and unlimited 10 mbit internet for 15 euros/month, how much do you pay for your cell phone?
R: 17 / F: 1 / P: 27
What happens here?
R: 5 / F: 2 / P: 27
I can see your soul through the edges of your eyes. It's corrosive, like acid.
R: 12 / F: 3 / P: 27
I legitimately feel sad over knowing 2D will never be real and I will never have a perfect waifu
R: 49 / F: 16 / P: 28
This a girl more than 10 years ago and this her just some days ago. What is your opinion? Is she still cute? It's the wall a meme?
R: 11 / F: 2 / P: 28
Which step are you at Berndarino?
R: 14 / F: 3 / P: 28
Can you name some cities with strong or extremely strong identity? I.e. the opposite of a revolving door city. People there like to not only identify themselves as citizens of such city, but also mostly respect fellow citizens for identifying with the city. Usually it's never the capital. On Russia its probably St.Pidor, Kazan, Vladivostok. Naturally they are either on the edge of the land away from Moscow or have an uncucked nonrussian nation inhabiting it. On Italy I know of Naples. I imagine Marseille and Barcelona to be of similar spirit. Germany has Munchen, though its debatable, because all of Germany is cucked.
R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 28
I cucked my best friend
R: 8 / F: 7 / P: 28
Why do they look so hideous?
R: 189 / F: 39 / P: 28
Friendly reminder that America has a massive shortage of housing and the only way to alleviate the shortage is through multifamily housing.
R: 30 / F: 8 / P: 28
>sit on couch >put disc in console >play it with my controller in hand Holy shit, it's so simple. No drivers, no tweaking settings for the best fps, no forgetting to turn off discord and getting gay messages in the middle of the game. It's just a pure game experience. It's even better with old games because there is no lootcrates, ads, dlc, or social media bullshit to detract from your immersion and make you feel like developers are trying to extract your money when you already bought their game.
R: 6 / F: 0 / P: 28
>watch swedish movie >feel depressed, want to die afterwards is it normal?
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 28
if there is one thing ive learned in life its that i hate people and im ugly as fuck. I must learn coding. Then move to Japan or buy a gf that likes anime.
R: 69 / F: 15 / P: 28
This is Italy's greatest invention. Magnum Opus of pastry. You are my greatest ally.
R: 16 / F: 6 / P: 29
How about police gf?
R: 68 / F: 237 / P: 29
God's gift to humanity.
R: 17 / F: 4 / P: 29
Ukrainesister... We got too cocky.
R: 54 / F: 58 / P: 29
Bernd opinion?
R: 5 / F: 0 / P: 29
This is your appearance
R: 61 / F: 4 / P: 29
I cannot get over the fact that my gf has had some other man's benis in her mouth.
R: 12 / F: 1 / P: 29
Can someone explain to me why it's acceptable in American English to say that something "sucks", alluding to fellatio and basically saying something/someone "sucks [dick]"? It's even allowed on their national television, kids can say it, it's even seen as lighter than saying something is shit. Here if you said something sucked it would be considered very rude and vulgar. Also, the flippance with which burgers say "motherfucker" is another thing that boggles me.
R: 16 / F: 1 / P: 29
Scamma is wasted right now. She's in Australia.
R: 19 / F: 3 / P: 29
nine pedos arrested in poland, I wonder how many polish flags disappear
R: 19 / F: 4 / P: 29
I am going to the supermarket now. I will buy feta cheese and kalamata olives, which I'll be eating together with oregano. It's pretty good.
R: 12 / F: 1 / P: 30
I've become addicted to Lipton Iced Tea, I drink a entire bottle everyday. I'm also addicted to Sugarfree Redbull, I have 2 everyday, one at 9AM as breakfast and another at around 2PM as lunch. What are you addicted to Bernd?
R: 19 / F: 0 / P: 30
Doorman told me the upstairs neighbor complained about "gunshots" in my apartment. I said "hehe I was just playing a videogame" but I was shooting my Glock CO2 pistol in my spare room. I'll have to stop doing it...
R: 51 / F: 7 / P: 30
bernd, i had to go out today, and when i was riding the bus next to me was a woman with 5yo daughter. the things she was telling this kid, holy shit it started with talk about difference between polish pepople's republic and current day poland. she was saying that prl was bad, cause >it was undemocratic and socialist... well actually socialism is good, it's just that people in government were very bad xDD low iq take, and i knew i will hear more retarded liberal opinions, but i was not prepared for what's next. then she started talking why commies were bad. >you know, after 1989 post-commies agreed with church to ban abortion, this shows how evil they were. what the fuck, is ban on killing babies the best argument you have? is this what you want to talk about with your daughter in public? fuck yes she wanted to talk about it, she explained with medical terms to 5 yo child everything about it. what's funny is her daughter was disgusted and called abortion terrible xD so the woman had to come up with some scenarios like children born without head or something to convince her why abortion = good. of course most of what she said wasn't even true, just parroting liberal media what. the. fuck. but it's not all lol. here comes the worst part, cause the daughter still couldn't understand, why would you want to kill your kid? well, the mother started listing all the health problems you can have while pregnant, and ended with: >having you and your sister was very hard, if i could decide again i would be against it honestly >look, we haven't went skiing for 8 years cause we can't go with you now >after skiing we loved to go to sauna, we couldn't go to sauna with you now >having children is a lot of problems, whenever i talk with friends about it i tell them they're wrong and really shouldn't want any >i have to take care of you every day, prepare you food, clothes, etc. then the daughter started saying that she can cook her own meals and the woman realized what she said cause she started telling the kid how much she loves her. not more than skiing apparently tho xDDDD she didn't take back the 'i wouldn't have you again' either i was considering getting off the bus at this point, couldn't listen anymore but they left first thank god. bernds i'm seriously shocked how fucking evil this whole conversation was. did the mother have autism? it kinda sounded like that, all this medical lingo, stream-of-conciousness talking and the lack of empathy make me think it could be, after all i'm pretty similar. or it's just liberal media brainwashing? sorry for wall of text but i had to share this with someone, i'm still shocked how you can tell your daughter that she is a problem for you like it's nothing. bernds, watch out who you are having children with, really
R: 21 / F: 3 / P: 30
Beautiful foreigner walks into my store today. She's wearing some sort of perfume and a feminine sent fills my nostrils. I pull up her account and ask for a drivers license to verify. She's a foreigner so she shows me her passport, she's Polish. I tell her my last name ends in -ski and I am polish heritage. She starts looking weirded/grossed out and makes up an excuse to leave immediately..
R: 92 / F: 21 / P: 30
Game starts in two hours. other matchup (Poland vs. Argentina) >>18374228 >>18374228 old thread >>18373049 >>18373049
R: 10 / F: 0 / P: 30
Brazil allows Bitcoins as legal tender... wow.
R: 48 / F: 5 / P: 30
How much is electricy in poland right now ? here 5€ per kW
R: 5 / F: 1 / P: 30
Scared... Youtube auto subscribed me and started a Livestream to elon musk talking about bitcoin just now. Wtf is going on
R: 12 / F: 2 / P: 30
How come all of these Blacks and shitskins going to Eastern Europe claim to have a good time? Aren't people super racist and kill non Whites. Or at least beat them up at night? Can someone explain this shit?
R: 7 / F: 1 / P: 30
I unironically believe Polish posters are the best posters on KC. They are basically the backbone of almost all quality discussions on this board. Like them or not, this place wouldn't survive without them.